WHY CHOOSE 1 Up Print Solutions?


Every person on the 1 Up team contributes to our quality control program which ensures the highest standards, consistently on every job. This business is personal for us! We sweat all the details, we check and double check each aspect of the job and we take great individual pride in what we do. We care about our work and we care about our clients.


We understand time pressure. Through our years of working with most of Calgary’s top design shops, advertising and communication agencies, we have developed a good understanding of clients. We know that sometimes “things happen” and even your best-planned projects can go sideways and turn into apparently impossible timelines. When that happens, we will “make time” for you and work in partnership with you to find a way to resolve the situation and make the delivery on schedule.


At 1 Up, our concept from the start has been to build our business for the long term. We build and maintain solid relationships with our clients, based on trust and mutual respect. We work as an integral part of your team, and you can rely on us to keep our promises. Go ahead, check our references, ask any of our clients what they think of our people and our relationship-building skills.


We have invested, and continue to invest, in state-of-the-art equipment, hardware and software, together with our experienced and well-trained operators who know how to get the best results from that equipment. This level of ongoing investment enables us to deliver the high quality products that you deserve, at the best possible price. We do not penalize you with rush charges, even if your job has to be run outside normal hours. Yes, if you need it, we will even deliver on weekends and holidays!

As our clients will tell you, at 1UP, we prove on a daily basis that you can have three out of three! Top QUALITY, cost effective PRICE and really fast SPEED.